My Story

20 lbs agoAh yes, the obligatory ‘About Me’ section…

Well with my ego relatively in check and my narcissism at a minimum, I will try to tell you what I do professionally and what I hope to be a part of in the not so distant future!

I am an digital producer at heart – In reality – I help craft experiences that convey a story, educate, inform and more importantly entertain a wide range of consumers.

My involvement begins with the concepting phase. I work closely with my creative and technology counter-parts as an idea forms and a story evolves. Ultimately I am there to ensure the vision and goals are not only met, but exceeded when the world is ultimately introduced to the experience (an idea is just an idea unless it can be delivered to its intended audience as initially conceived.)

As a producer, I find my role combines aspects of project and account management, with an emphasis on user experience design, content coordination and overall story architecture. With my strong technical background and respected creative advocacy, I enjoy producing larger scale solutions and diverse/global applications. Although these types of projects are my specialty, I still find a great deal of satisfaction in smaller, clearly-targeted campaigns, as well as mentoring and leading teams of producers, campaign/community managers and project managers alike.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a minor in Architecture and Urban Planning from The University of Wisconsin. I have over 18 years of experience in web design and development, along with delivery and account management. I have extensive experience working with global agencies as well as directing technical and creative departments in varying marketing and promotional industries (Lots of “I”‘s in this paragraph sorry).

My previous gig was as the Director of Digital Production at Razorfish across it’s Central Region, based out of Chicago, but still keeping busy with the teams in Austin and Atlanta. I supervised several incredibly gifted producers who I love dearly. All-in-all I was surrounded by a great team and I continued to grow into becoming the best negotiator, diplomat and owner of an agile digital integration process.

I would be remiss to not mention the other half of my life. I have the most incredible & supportive wife (those in Advertising know how ridiculous the waves can get and without a partner at home, the yin/yang gets out of whack.) I also have three incredible children who teach me how to look at things with an innocence I felt I lost years ago, but thankful I found within their curious eyes. Of course the backbone of my family is my mother, who continues to teach me how stereotypes can be broken and strength comes from your actions and your integrity. Finally my four younger brothers – we are all the same – but equally different personality wise. They are each my best friends and the ones I turn to when the shit hits the fan.

So that’s it… I continue to grow and learn professionally as we deal with a new world that is less about throwing money at flashy gawk pieces, but rather demanding clear return on investment with the engagement we help create. I continue to explore new ways in perfecting the art of digital and integrated production and hope to lead an organization as head of production in the not so distant future.